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Kristen Olson Stone Fine Art

Sketch With Kristen, Fall & Winter Classes

Sketch With Kristen, Fall & Winter Classes

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Art  Class Description
3 hour classes meet from 9am-12pm
These small group classes are limited to 8 students
Perfect for complete beginners through advanced artists.
Simply put, this class is a great day out! 
We'll sketch together in a relaxed, enjoyable way and you'll soon be discovering your creative side. You’ll learn to observe and sketch an impression of what you see around you.  We will sketch from life only, no photos are needed!
Through this course you will learn how to arrange what you see into a delightful composition.  I’ll demonstrate how to draw beautiful lines, apply watercolor paint, perspective, highlights and most importantly you'll learn a new way of seeing the world around you!
You’ll come away with a book of delightful sketches and be inspired to sketch on your next vacation and in your own backyard.  
This style of sketching is foolproof as you'll soon learn that mistakes are actually not mistakes at all.....those little imperfections add charm to your sketches.

I'll give gentle guidance and take you step by step through the process from start fo finish as we sketch together.

Do you think you aren't a creative person?  Nonsense....anybody can learn this style of sketching.
It’s relaxing and mindful as well.
You'll enjoy zen moments as you find yourself getting lost in your painting and enjoy watching your watercolors swirl around and mix with each other.
I welcome all levels including beginners.

We will visit a pre-arranged schedule of locations in and around Palm Desert, La Quinta and Palm Springs.

At the end of each class we can share our sketches with each other...perhaps over coffee.

Payment in full is required to save your space in the class.  All class fees are non-refundable once paid unless class is cancelled.  
Suggested supply list, you can see a photo of my supplies below:
1. A sketchbook size 6" x 8" up to 9" x 12",  90 lb paper is a good choice
2. Permanent black ink pen size 3 or 5
3. A travel sized watercolor set
4. 1 paintbrush, a No. 6 or 8 round brush.   
5. Water cup and a few paper towels
6. White chinagraph pencil and white Posca pen .07mm with bullet tip
7. A tote bag to keep everything in and a folding chair or stool
Also remember to bring a hat, sunscreen, water and snacks!

Optional , A TWSBI 580 Diamond Fountain pen. Nib size ‘F’
DeArtimentis Waterproof black document ink

Two of my favorite things are painting and travel!  I combine these loves when I take my travel-sized watercolor kits with me wherever I go.  I also enjoy painting with them in my own backyard!  

I started teaching this style of travel painting a few years ago when I lived in New Zealand.  I taught people how to draw and paint boats and maritime scenery at The Maritime Museum in Auckland. Many of my students lived on boats or in small apartments and had small storage spaces, they wanted a quality art medium that they could easily store and take anywhere in the world.
I've traveled the world teaching plein air painting with oil painting kits and that's a wonderful thing to do too but watercolor is a lot more travel friendly and once you learn how to paint in this style, it will enhance your life experiences wherever you decide to paint. You can take the skills you learn on your next trip and make watercolor journals of your vacation or paint in your own backyard and favorite neighborhood parks.
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