I bought this watercolor painting and several others from Kristen. They are absolutely gorgeous -- the online pictures do not do them justice! I was so taken with those watercolors that I ended up commissioning both a watercolor and an oil painting. Kristen was very collaborative throughout the process with each, which eased my tiny bit of anxiety with effectively buying art sight unseen. With each commissioned work, she sent me "previews" and tweaked the pieces in process based on my feedback. She was incredibly easy to work with and encouraging in soliciting my feedback to make sure she captured my "vision" for each piece. I have since bought two pieces from her newer series, which are entirely unlike the pieces I previously bought but gorgeous and fun and will add a whimsical touch to my guestroom. My only hesitation in writing this review is that I'm selfishly aware that I may be creating new fans who will compete with me for Kristen's artwork!

Laurel S

I combine my love of travel and art, painting the beautiful places I visit