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Kristen Olson Stone

Private, In Person Watercolor Sketching Lessons

Private, In Person Watercolor Sketching Lessons

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Join me on a relaxing journey to becoming an avid watercolor sketcher!
This class is perfect for complete beginners through advanced artists who want one-on-one lessons to learn the skills of watercolor sketching from start to finish.

I'll show you how to take in what you see around you, then choose a couple of things around you that you'd like to sketch.  Next we will design and draw a pleasing composition!  From there you'll learn about pen technique, color mixing, brushwork and more as you begin to sketch lively paintings from life!

If you’re an Urban Sketcher or want to become a travel sketcher, these lessons are perfect for you!

The following recommended supplies should fit into a small tote bag making it easy to take with you anywhere!

In the cooler months we can meet outdoors or indoors, in the warmer months there are lots of great indoor locations where we can meet and sketch!   Email me for location details at

1 travel-sized watercolor set

1 brush

1 pencil and 1 white plastic eraser

1 unbreakable water cup

A few paper towels or tissues

1 permanent ink pen

1 sketchbook, size should be between 6" x 8" up to 9" x 12" and the paper weight should be 90lbs up to 140lbs

A small bottle of water for sketching

Let me know if you need any supplies!

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