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Grand Safari Table Giclee print

Grand Safari Table Giclee print

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This is a limited edition giclee print of my painting, "The Grand Safari Table". 

It was a lot of fun to paint this, I love these quirky table scenes! This painting was inspired by my love of interesting table settings, birds and a fabulous interior designer, Mary F. Saunders. A pair of New Zealand Fantail birds called Piwakawaka have invited themselves into this elegant table scene!

There is so much to see in this artwork, when I saw the ceramic bird I thought it would be fun to add some live birds in the scene. The New Zealand Fantails seemed like the perfect choice. We used to see these little fantail birds when we lived in New Zealand. Whey they fly, they are very graceful, almost like butterflies and also seemed friendly.

This is a giclee print of my painting, The Grand Safari Table!


This is a limited edition of 100 prints available in 3 sizes

~Comes with a certificate of authenticity

~Printed on Ilford 310 gsm cotton rag textured paper

~Giclee print that is printed in England and drop-shipped worldwide.  

~24 hour turnaround time

~Carbon neutral printing!

~Printed in the United Kingdom by The Print Space

~Shipped internationally via DHL Express or UPS (allow 2-3 weeks)

~Shipped via postage for UK and Eu delivery (allow 1 week)

~No returns on prints but you can get a replacement free of charge if lost or damaged in transit 

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