New series of watercolor interiors!

New series of watercolor interiors!


"The Emperor's Vase" watercolor on paper, 14" x 10"

Introducing a new series of interiors painted in watercolor! I am enjoying the process of painting this new series of interiors or "room portraits"!

I start with an intricate pencil drawing followed by ink in which I make every pen stroke accurate and artistic looking, I think about the flow of the line and make sure that the edges are nice and clean.

"Room Of Enchantment", 14" x 10" watercolor on paper

Next I erase the pencil marks and begin to paint. I layer the colors and create a web of each color going around the painting. This keeps the eye flowing and harmonizes the artwork. I make small impressionist-style layered strokes of color and change the rhythm of strokes, edge-work and values within each element of the painting. This creates separation of the elements.

London Flat, 14" x 10", watercolor on paper

My goal is to make a painting that is interesting to look at where the viewer can always find something new to see. It's my approach in one way or another to all of my artwork whether oil or watercolor.   To view more photos and prices visit Original paintings on my website

I made a wonderful new voiced over video of the painting of The Emperor's Vase, consider joining me at

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