My "Tiny" sketching palette

My "Tiny" sketching palette

Less is more in sketching!   

This tiny watercolor palette is perfect for sketching on the go or travel sketching.  I purchased it on Amazon for $15.00! 

Before deciding on which 12 colors to fill it with, I experimented with different combinations of colors.  The goal was to create a palette of strong colors so I would only need a little of each color to paint with plus some colors that make painting easy like yellow ochre.  I wanted a balance of transparent and semi transparent colors. 

To test the color combinations, I painted the same colorful scene over and over again with different color combinations and chose the one that I liked best.  

I used tubes of Rembrandt professional artist colors for the palette.  

I paired the palette with a #6 Black Velvet Round Voyage travel brush.  

My tiny palette and 12 colors!

My palette clipped onto a 6" x 8" sketchbook along with everything else mentioned in my blog.


One drawback to this set is that it has very little mixing space.  The interior of the lid is white enamel so it's nice to mix on but very small.  To compensate, I paint in layers on the paper.  Instead of mixing red and blue to make purple for instance, I paint red on the paper and then while it's still wet, I drop in some blue and let the colors mix together on the paper.  This is actually results in a more interesting and appealing painting as the colors dry in an uneven way and often leave a bit of texture on the surface when they dry.

For the complete list of colors and information about the refillable pen, visit this link to my watercolor sketching workshops where I have all of the materials listed.  Watercolor Workshops

I also have classes online for how to do watercolor sketching and watercolor painting!  Patreon

Happy Sketching Everyone,


Resort sketching at The Desert Springs Marriot

Cafe sketching!  Restaurants welcome sketchers!

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