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Kristen Olson Stone Fine Art

Sketch With Kristen At The Living Desert

Sketch With Kristen At The Living Desert

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Are you ready to explore The Living Desert with your sketchbook in hand?  I'll show you how to capture the beauty of this place through luminous watercolor sketches. 
  This class is perfect for beginners through seasoned artists who want to learn the art of watercolor sketching.
You will need a membership to The Living Desert. 

Class meets on Wednesdays from 9am - 12pm
We'll sketch and paint desert scenery together in a relaxed, enjoyable way and you’ll soon be discovering your creative side.  We will also try our hand at drawing and painting some of the animal residents.  
Simply put, this class is a great day out! 
You’ll earn to observe and sketch an impression of what you see around you.  We will sketch from life only, no photos are needed!
Through this course you will learn how to arrange what you see into a delightful composition.  I’ll demonstrate how to draw beautiful lines, apply watercolor paint, perspective, highlights and most importantly you'll learn a new way of seeing the world around you!
You’ll come away with a book of delightful sketches and be inspired to sketch on your next vacation and in your own backyard.  
This style of sketching is foolproof as you'll soon learn that mistakes are actually not mistakes at all.....those little imperfections add charm to your sketches.

I'll give gentle guidance and take you step by step through the process from start fo finish as we sketch together.
Each week we’ll meet at pre-selected location within The Living Desert to sketch what we see around us. No photos are needed!
A few of our shady locations include:
1.) Paint reflections and trees at the desert Spring
2.) Learn perspective at The Courtyard Garden
3.) The Giraffe Cafe
4.) The North American Wildlife Section
5.) The Fig tree by the desert spring
6.) The scenery and animals at the Rhino exhibit
7.) Paint palm trees with light and shadow at the Palm Forest
8.) Paint wildflowers at the Hummingbird Tribute Garden
Learning to sketch from life is like putting on a pair of rose colored glasses for the rest of your life!  Simply put, this class is a great morning out!   
I teach sketching and painting in a very relaxed style which helps bring out your creative side while you enjoy one of Palm Desert's best places!  You'll fill your sketchbook with special memories.

Suggested supply list....bring what you have, no fancy supplies needed to get started!  Below is what I will be using.
 A sketchbook size 6" x 8" up to 9" x 12",  Multimedia or watercolor paper...90 lb - 140lb  paper is a good choice
 Permanent black ink pen size 3 or 5 or pencil and eraser
 A travel sized watercolor set
 1 paintbrush, a No. 6 or 8 round brush or dagger brush 
Water cup and a few paper towels
 Optional: White chinagraph pencil and white Posca pen .07mm with bullet tip
 A tote bag to keep everything in and a folding chair or stool
Also remember to bring a hat, sunscreen, water and snacks!
If you have any questions, email me at
Payment in full is required to save your space in the class.  All class fees are non-refundable once paid unless class is cancelled.  


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